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Woodshop Tools

by Guittek

Owllu Maker Atelier

Owllu Atelier is a maker workshop, small enough to call everything we make Art, but modern enough to be able to use any technology process to bring products from an idea to reality, let's Make it.

Furniture Design

Furniture Designer

All you need to do is say what you want and where you want it, and the rest will be done for you, also available 3D modeling and CAD drawings.

Furniture Restauration + Repairs

Wood Furniture

Does that furniture you love needs some Tender-Loving-Care? We can bring back alive that vintage furniture you truly cherish, and also, we can perhaps complete that furniture that never got to be what it was supposed to be.

Laser Cutting + Engraving

Laser Cutting

If the CNC router is not enough then the Laser is the answer. We can cut your designs in materials such as plastic and wood. As for engraving, we can work on plastic, wood, and metals.

Furniture Fabrication

Design Furnitures

After designing, then it comes to make those ideas come to reality. Depending on the needs, furniture can be fully handmade or hybrid made using CNC machining, this way we can make everything, well almost.

You are free to bring your designs fully developed or perhaps we can develop your projects from start to finish.

CNC Machining

Banners Made of CNC

We can make it, yes we can, simply as that. Wood, plastics, and some metals as well. Projects can be developed from scratch, or you can Bring-Your -Own files and we solve the headache of the machining process.

Product Solutions for Companies

Interior Design

A turnkey solution for your company's products. Designs and fully developed projects are Wellcome, or perhaps if you only have a rough idea we can take the projects and make them happen. Whether is a seasonal gift for your clients or a product you would like to put on the market we can help in the process. 


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