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Another One Behind The Dust

Guittek it's only one Men Workshop and I'm the one in charge of all things when you get in contact.

My name is Jonathan Gomez, I'm originally from Caracas, Venezuela. I'm a woodworker by trade and Luthier by heart.

Luthiery started for me at age 17, back then when cheap guitars were no good, which lead me to tinker and modifying the guitars I owned. With time friends got interested in my ideas, and from there, things spread further to friends of friends till slowly became a business idea.

GUITARTECH.C.A. was my first company registered in 2003 in Caracas, Venezuela. Besides repairs and maintenance for musical instruments, I've started also providing my services as a touring Guitartech which lead me to get submersed in the different roles of a Technician for musical instruments. In a workshop, things are controlled and there's always time to deal with problems, but while on tour tinkering fast and being reactive to problems is a must. That experience as part of a touring crew helped me become a better technician, always ready and never afraid of big and challenging projects.

In 2011 moved to Oulu, Finland with my wife, and in the year 2013 GUITTEK was registered. Guittek is not just the continuation of my old company Guitartech, it's the evolution of the same company, back then not only had the expertise to continue with repairs and maintenance services, but with around 20 years of experience in the field, I was ready to start my next step, Guitar Building.

In previous projects, I've dealt with building guitar parts for clients but never a full build. So in 2016 decided to build not one but a batch of 10 instruments, This series of instruments was based on a very simple model, the famous Telecaster model.

For that inspired classic guitar models I came up with the name LOWBROW GUITARS, which is the antonym of HIGHBROW, which means literally from the dictionary: "a person who possesses or has pretensions to superior learning or culture&quo