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Logging Off

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Many people from time to time ask me why I've decided to Logged Off from Social Media? and my answer can sometimes be vague, but at the same time, if I ask back why do I need to have it, the answer I get seems to be as vague as mine as well. So to put it short it's a matter of personal choice, but I will try to explain myself once more here.

First I'm not going to be naive and deny that Social Media is a great window to expose a company and its product, not only that but is super cheap compared to traditional advertising, if done well a product can become viral and skyrocket sales, that's all true and yes is amazing all what can it be achieved via Social Media, period.

On the other hand, Social Media requires been diligent with it, learn from it, be with it, been part of it and most of all live within its barriers ALL TH TIME. That's what exactly puts me off from Social Media the most, I need my time to work on my projects, to talk to my clients, I need to learn every day to be better in my profession and time precisely is something I don't have in abundance.

People might object that without clients there's no company, so therefore the company needs to be there in the eyes of possible clients and for that is a must to be in Social Media, but to that, I can say: How did we all as Society survive very well for many decades without Social Media? Why do businesses have to have this concept within their walls? Is it a company doomed without Social Media?

Social Media was perhaps created with something else in mind but was the Individual success that driven the advertising to become one with Social Media, so perhaps you think you have an Instagram account to only share your Cats pictures, but the reason you keep coming back to it is that you get served very strategically pinpoint marketing straight to your eyeballs, to put it short just called AI. So what is bad with this? Nothing! but I don't need that, and as I've said before you cannot simply participate, or interact with Social Media without being part of it, and becoming it, and that's my personal choice to not be part of it in any form or shape.

In my multiple decades of experience as an entrepreneur, my best and perhaps only marketing strategy it's been getting better at my job, learn more as much as I can all the time, the outcome of this is a happy client, a happy client is going to talk about the good experience with Guittek, that expression of content a